Filtering properties for get_all_notes_extended return values is not working


    hal bay
    Sep 16 2023 | 12:22 pm
    From documentation for get_all_notes_extended: "It is possible to optionally provide a single [dict] argument to this function, containing a single key-value pair: the key is "return" and the associated value is a list of the note properties as listed above in the discussion of the returned note dictionaries, e.g. ["note_id", "pitch", "velocity"]. The effect of this will be that the returned note dictionaries will only contain the key-value pairs for the specified properties, which can be useful to improve patch performance when processing large notes dictionaries."
    I am trying to make use of new "get_all_notes_extended" function on a clip with notes in it. I want to make use of filtering functionality through dict argument as explained in the docs. I tried code below:
    var filtered_notes ="get_all_notes_extended", { return: ["note_id", "pitch", "velocity"] });
    post("filtered_notes", filtered_notes, "\n");
    var notes_raw ="get_all_notes_extended");
    post("notes_raw", notes_raw, "\n");
    notes_raw has expected values, however filtered_notes is 0.00
    notes_raw has expected values, however filtered_notes is 0.00
    As seen in the screenshot, "notes_raw" has expected values, however "filtered_notes" is 0.00 for the same clip object. So filtering with dict object with return key, as explained in the docs, is not working for me. What am I missing here? Thanks! Edit: I also tried code below after learning about Dict objects of Max. However, it is still returning all of the keys like notes_raw above, and not filtering anything: var note_filter = new Dict("note_filter").set("return", ["note_id", "pitch", "velocity"]); var filtered_notes ="get_all_notes_extended", note_filter);

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      hal bay
      Sep 19 2023 | 11:55 am
      Solution found: Apparently, I should have use "set" method on a seperate function call, like below:
      var note_filter = new Dict("note_filter"); note_filter.set("return", ["note_id", "pitch", "velocity"]);"get_all_notes_extended", note_filter);