FlexVolt Bluetooth w/ Max 8 ???

    Sep 02 2019 | 9:36 am
    Hi there,
    did someone already test FlexVolt Bluetooth with Max 8 ?
    They are intended to be used with chrome and android apps BUT they are communicating with Bluetooth links so ..... serial object could be ok, apparently (makers don't really know as they didn't test it properly with max) If anyone got an info, that would be perfect.
    Best regards, Julien

    • Oct 17 2019 | 10:53 am
      Hello, just for reference purpose, we achieved it and thanks to FlexVolt too. Here is a very informal/unofficial vidéo about what we did. https://vimeo.com/366965842 FlexVolt sensors are very sensitive and nice. We are happy to have gain experience with them. Workshop occurred in Scopitone Festival 2019 in Nantes, France. Performer is Ilaria Vergani Bassi.