floating point number conversion (exponent)

    Sep 17 2020 | 12:50 pm
    Hi all,
    wow, I just see the post was corrupt. Now I correct it again.
    I have a text file with float numbers in the format as below - namely with the exponent at the end. I would like to parse / transform these values so I can work with them in max like the other regular floats.
    Does somebody have an idea?
    All the best, Frank
    2.407984776842665653e+00 , 1.026246200945576947e-01, -4.199148397133440902e-01, 1.070413891257866013e+00, 3.143613106199010243e-01, 1.098853903730688808e+00, -2.615247118173250840e+00, -2.168776277283647858e+00, 2.015239213655302564e+00, 6.651139564676828986e-01, -2.783131615676956994e+00, 4.478815897509044186e-01, -1.752832527393801965e-01, 1.124858962910230686e-01, -9.191722312541685813e-01, 2.202444664313242040e+00, -3.014634240577966917e+00, -2.014694117463378120e-01, 1.832255260807410302e+00, -2.240739517056415497e+00, -7.013570608432873055e-01, -3.645136418459745009e+00, 3.214913178261057158e+00, 7.574115179775657847e-01