Gen equivalent vector representation in Grapher/algebra ("Oh the shame!")


    May 15 2023 | 5:39 pm
    [Begin Shame] I'm trying to understand vector components via equations (gasp!.. I know, I know "equations are mathematical crutches!" and I risk being shunned by the cult..but I'm so old I've forgotten most algebra, so please humor me). Is the Red box represented correctly by this equation in grapher? If not what would be the correct representation in grapher? What would be the component equation for the cosine term? [Blue region.] Also what happens when swiz x and Param Time both get multiplied by that an f(x,t) thing? Is there a limit to how many parameters can be attached to a multiplier? See attached image. You don't have to show a grapher image, any image with a (ghastly) equation will due. [Tangentally and most offensively, why are equations so ardently ignored in this cult..I'm talking to you Federico..maybe even a youth were you given an equation swirly by Gottfried Leibniz's great great great once removed second nephew, and only escaped via a tangled morass of spaghetti? We of the cult, wonder..sometimes. [EOS]] *Feel free to include the full Vector equation for out 1. [Red should be 8 not 18 -Thanks Luvlongtime/FMJ.]

    • Roman Thilenius's icon
      Roman Thilenius
      May 15 2023 | 7:42 pm
      red looks correct. what are you wondering about blue? isnt it almost the same? (watch out, unlike in gen~ or max, in MSP you would have to use sinx~, as sin~ is not a trigonometric operator.)
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      luvulongtime's icon
      May 16 2023 | 8:02 am
      Meh, math is overrated anyway. :p I mean isn't it all just multiplication, division, addition and subtraction? And clever ways to combine them?
      Shouldn't it be 8 instead of 18? And "time" is useless here if i'm not misstaken, connect after [norm] and modulo it by 1. Time should be between 0. and 1.
      Red: y = 2sin((8x)PI) Blue: y = 4cos((3x)PI)
      Edit: "And "time" is useless here if i'm not misstaken" Never mind i think it will "add" time to the output from norm? I only use two inputs going into the same inlet in Dsp though
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      enki's icon
      May 17 2023 | 6:41 pm
      Yeah, your probably right about math, we could just use hand gestures. It's mostly handwaving with chalk anyway. After the dust settles what do we really have..maybe some pretty pictures, but we had pretty pictures before math (I'm looking at you Lubang Jeriji Saléh cave). Take look at the blue one on this forum seems to know what "equation" that might be. Somehow it's still a mystery.
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      Roman Thilenius's icon
      Roman Thilenius
      May 17 2023 | 6:56 pm
      math is where the fun begins, especially if you´re bad at it (like me.)
      i mean i am using "cos(pi/8)" in a regular matrix encoder where you could as well write "0.92" like in the orignal paper from 1972. not to speak of the precision of analog components from that period. but when i can do it more right than right, i do it more right.
      and the patch must look nice. because if it does not look nice, it is not finished.
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      Federico-AmazingMaxStuff's icon
      May 18 2023 | 10:58 am
      Hey Enki, very far from being a math wiz myself, but it looks like the answer from luvulongtime is exhaustive. If you wish to move the wave using the "time" param you should connect the time after the [* pi], unless you want the time to be multiplied by PI as well, which is probably not the case. Also what happens when swiz x and Param Time both get multiplied by that an f(x,t) thing? in gen when you send two outlets to the same input they will be summed together. So in your snippet the result of the sum will be multiplied by 3. Regarding why equations are ignored, not sure I understand what you mean. Max is completely based on numbers, so on math, pretty impossible to not deal with equations of any sort : ) Edit: sorry I probably misunderstood the equations part. You were probably referring to the mathematical notation for equation, while in programming (like Max) we mostly deal with expressions and not the equation math notation. I can see how some tutorials on how to translate math equations to max or gen expression could be useful. Cheers!