Gen~ issue with some numbers related to buffer size


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    Feb 23 2018 | 6:49 pm
    Hey all,
    Messing around trying to make an envelope follower for some aplitude based trigger of processes, and while building it I ran into an issue that I couldn't figure out. History reset(0); count = accum(1); out1 = count % 64; out2 = count % 63; The first outlet, does not report correctly in the scope~ and number~ objects, yet the second does. I am assuming this is related to being an integer multiple of the buffer size, but want to confirm that. The reason this was an issue, is I am adding to a buffer to do an average over 64 samples , and I was failing the check to see if I had reached the last value, in order to reset the accum. Is it best practice to avoid these types of numbers? I figured it would make my math a bit familiar and easier to work with.