Getting data into max from arduino

    Aug 12 2017 | 5:51 pm
    So in the photo you can see the data coming in from my arduino software . The numbers represent accelerator x,y,z data as well as pressure sensors etc. I had alook at maxuino and found the help file a little baffling to be honest . What the simplest way of just streaming these 14 or so data channels continuously into max ? If it is using maxuino what's the best way, cheers

    • Aug 13 2017 | 3:06 pm
      PS - I dont want to upload any new arduino code onto the board - its an arduino uno
    • Aug 13 2017 | 3:12 pm
      regexp, unpack or pack, route ?
    • Aug 13 2017 | 5:59 pm
      I had assumed I would need route and unpack etc - just wasnt sure how to get the data in. With OSC it was very simple - I used OSC route for that with unpack etc.