gl3 jxs documentation

    Aug 14 2020 | 8:53 pm
    I have some questions regarding xml attributes of jxs-files: Is there a comprehensive documentation available? I'm interested in e.g. 1) Textures <param name="tex0" type="int" default="0" /> <param name="tex1" type="int" default="1" />
    Is type doing anything? Can I pass @type float32 to the shader without the type getting casted?
    2) In a default jxs the geometry shader has input_type and output_type
    <program name="gp" vertices_out="4" input_type="lines_adjacency" output_type="triangle_strip" type="geometry">
    Does this affect the shader behaviour somehow? This seems to be redundant to the layout qualifiers
    layout (lines_adjacency) in; layout (triangle_strip, max_vertices=4) out;

    • Aug 14 2020 | 9:30 pm
      type in the JXS has nothing to do with the texture type being bound, it is simply the type of the value, which is an integer representing the texture unit the uniform should reference.
      in gl3 there is no need to provided XML attributes in geometry programs, i.e. vertices_out, input_type and output_type may all be omitted from the XML tag.