Hashtab and t_object

    Jan 28 2019 | 4:18 pm
    Nevermind, I got it.
    I'm looking to share a struct between similarly named objects. Can someone explain the code in the hashtab documentation?
    Two Qs:
    1) t_object is described in docs as "The structure for the head of any object which wants to have inlets or outlets, or support attributes. " how does this translate to things other than max objects like numbers, structs etc?
    2) I didn't even know you could do this in C but, in the hashtab html doc, it casts the number 74 to a (t_object*) that seems like we'd just be pointing to the 74th space in ram?!
    I'd really like to see this fleshed out. I'd love to do more with passing bits of C allocated memory between objects in general. Actually bonus: Is it dangerous to turn a pointer into a string and pass it as an atom?