HELP : I edited an .amxd in a text editor and now the device is corrupt

    Jul 25 2021 | 11:12 am
    Hi Forum,
    Yes, I should have been more careful, but I simply expected that editing a few initial parameter values in Atom would not be a problem. Now, when opening the device in Ableton it says this:
    A serious program error has occurred. Live will shut down after this message box is closed. Please restart Live and follow the instructions in the 'Report a Crash' lesson that will appear in Live's Help View. And Max just won't open the device.
    Does anyone know how to repair this? When I look at the JSON nothing appears to be different from non-text-edited devices.
    Also, for a specific use case I would like to be able to edit M4L init values in a text editor. I have several clients that use the same device, but require different values. Editing these in text would be the most straightforward as it also enables the client to do this without opening the device and going into edit mode etc.

    • Jul 25 2021 | 1:43 pm
      amxd and mxf files have checksum. if you add or remove a single char it gets broke. replacing 1.0 with 1.1 would work but 1.12 with 1.3 not
    • Jul 25 2021 | 3:21 pm
      Thanks. That clarifies. I would think that restoring the original values should make it work again, however, it doesn't. Should it?
    • Jul 25 2021 | 3:35 pm
      the checksum might also change whe white space have been changed or invisible characters like line breaks.
    • Jul 25 2021 | 3:40 pm
      true. I also remeber getting problems editing mxf files on windows - I think encoding got messed up. But I can't remember exactly what was the problem.
    • Jul 26 2021 | 7:10 am
      It could have been the line feed characters. Windows uses \r\n instead of just \n. also default encoding is usually not set to UTF-8. On window. maybe making a copy of a working device and investigating/comparing with an editor like sublime with the corrupted one can bring some insight. I would look for the BOM settings.
    • Jul 26 2021 | 7:52 am
      Using Max as text editor on windows did work, I remember now.