help kicking off a project with the right foot

    Feb 22 2021 | 3:19 pm
    Hi all, ahead of going in the wrong direction I would like to share a project and seek suggestions on the most elegant and efficient route to follow.
    The idea, given a large number of shape files, representing areas on a map. Create a visualisation where each area is coloured based on a certain parameter (into csv file) and allow the user to interact with the map by clicking on each shape, navigate in 3d. Once the user clicks on a shape this activates a sound.
    I am thinking as follows, create a bunch of obj files into a folder and programmatically add them to Then colour based on the values form the csv with a uzi or similar. Then -somehow- get the group/object name from the mouse click within the opengl view Fire a message to the appropriate sound sample
    Any pointer for the above? Something NOT to do, something easier, etc? A way which I considered was to do the graphics in processing and then the sound in Max, or use Touch Designer. My biggest issue is dealing with meshes in max and the clicking/getting the name/play the sound part of it. HELP HELP HELP Thanks G>