HELP: Midi CC'S pass thru message using Sent/Receive object are delayed by 1.

    Nov 21 2020 | 10:16 pm
    /* EDIT : SOLVED! I was using a CTLIN object... which caused the delay. using MIDIIn solved it. */
    Hi guys!
    I am new here, so forgive me if this question had been answered already.
    So I have 2 max devices; one that sends value, one that receives it. I use them this way: - a first device listens to Midi CC's coming from a hardware and send it back via the Send object - a second device receives those midi CC'S with the Receive object.
    So far, It works. BUT... The midi CC'S received are always delayed by 1. For instance, when I turn the knob on a hardware I received nothing until I turn the same knob again. But then, I receive the previous value and so forth.
    Is there a "queue" somewhere between the Send and Receive object of Max? What am I missing?