How to add different values, in steps, with a metronome?


    Nicolas Gomez Salamanca
    Sep 17 2023 | 5:55 pm
    Hello! I have a C chord in number boxes (36 40 43). I want to automate that every time a bang is activated by metronome, a different addition is made, so that the result is a different chord and then, make a progression of chords.) For example if I -1 -2 and +0 that chord of C major, I'll get the V, G Major. After that, I want to do vi, IV, and go back to I. Which command can I use for that addition in steps? Thanks

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      Source Audio
      Sep 17 2023 | 7:16 pm
      command is : Play it Again, Sam
      or put your chord notes into coll, and recall them using next message, or counter that recalls indexes in wished order.
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      Roman Thilenius
      Sep 18 2023 | 7:44 am
      you could precacluate the relative intervals between different chordsand inversions (delta between chord values) and send those difference to [accum] like so: 60 64 67 "0 2 1" -> 60 66 68 "0 -2 1" -> 60 64 69
      also, have a look at the vexpr object.
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      Source Audio
      Sep 18 2023 | 1:01 pm
      doing this using any kind of calculation on the fly is possible, but clumsy because if you want to reset the chord cycle, or start from different point in the sequence, it becomes at least troublesome. I would suggest to write chord progressions into coll an recall them using steps like : I II V I IV VII III VI
      one can then use calculations to transpose to root note.
      if you want to do this smart, so that any inversion of the chord picks nearest inversion of next chord, have fun with it.
      if II is 1st inversion, then following V becomes basic ...
      Nothing against software, but shoud one not learn to play some sort of instrument triggered by hands ?