How to record Jitter output WITH AUDIO in Windows.

    Sep 16 2021 | 9:41 pm
    I'm using an ASIO Focusrite Sound device, so I want to record the output of everything, including audio. How could I achieve this?

    • Sep 17 2021 | 6:08 pm
      i use jit.record for the images and record~ or sfrecord~ for the audio, then mash the tracks together in quicktimeplayer or another quicktime frontend such as u&i software vtrack or media cleaner.
      no idea which is the easiest solution for modern video engines, but they exist.
    • Sep 19 2021 | 7:39 pm
      Is jit.vcr what you are looking for?
    • Sep 19 2021 | 8:23 pm
      Yes. Exactly that. Many people told me really complicated solutions, but I guess all of them ignored the existence of that object.