How to select arrangement loop with Javascript in M4L???

    Nov 26 2019 | 9:25 pm
    Hello, I'm trying to automate exporting midi>audio via javascript, my current rabbit-hole! I'm trying: - Pre-record some midi in arrangement view - Set the arrangement loop programmatically - Command-Shift-R (Export) - Hit Enter
    // Javascript to Set Arrangement Loop Start/End liveSet = new LiveAPI('live_set'); liveSet.set('loop_start', 4*22.0); liveSet.set('loop_length', 4); liveSet.set('loop', 1);
    Problem: How can I "select" the loop before I export? Reasoning: when manually clicked, the loop is selected and exporting automatically sets the start and end of the rendering. When it's not selected, I get an arbitrary start/stop.
    Here are screenshots to show the difference:
    1. The arrangement loop is not clicked and not selected:
    2. The arrangement loop is manually clicked: