How to use dict.freeper in javascript

    Feb 23 2021 | 8:55 am
    I have the following javascript (inspired by helpdetails.js) which I use to store the reference documentation of some object in a personal dictionary. I am getting an error with the freeper() function :
    js: helpinfos.js: Javascript TypeError: myDictionary.freeper is not a function, line 29
    Can anyone explain how to use the freeper function here ? Is it any necessary ? Thanks Vincent
    inlets=1; outlets=1; var dict; var myDictionary = new Dict("my Dictionary"); function getInfos(objectName) { var shortDesc = ""; var longDesc = ""; myDictionary.readany("myDictionary.json"); dict = max.getrefdict(objectName); if (typeof(dict) == "object") { digest = dict.get("digest"); description = dict.get("description"); myDictionary.replace(objectName + "::digest", digest); myDictionary.replace(objectName + "::description", description); dict.freepeer(); myDictionary.freeper(); } }