incomplete sphere with []

    Mar 12 2017 | 6:09 pm
    I am trying to render a pattern of dots with []. I have several points in a 2d space. For each of the points I want to create a square, so I add a delta value so that for each x, y coordinate I get this: vertex(x, y) vertex(x+∂, y) vertex(x+∂, y+∂) vertex(x, y+∂) vertex(x, y) If I store these values into [jit.matrix] and render it with [] I should be getting squares instead of points (I need to render these points in a single mesh rather and multiple objects as it should be clear from what follows) Once I have the 2D squares represented correctly I need to have them projected onto a sphere. This will result ideally into a 3D shape of an incomplete sphere, i.e. a sphere with holes in it. I devised a patch to make a 2D set of points into projections onto a sphere and that should do the trick once I have all the points organized correctly. My question is if I am going about this problem the correct way. Is [mesh] the right object? what should the order of the vertexes be? which primitive is best suited for this task?
    I have done some work with OpenGL mainly in Processing and I am not too familiar with the OpenGL jitter objects but my hunch is that [mesh] is the way to go. Alternatively I was thinking a [gridshape] object @matrixoutput 1 and then filtering some values through some [jit.op]

    • Mar 13 2017 | 1:21 am
      ... I figured a pretty satisfactory solution to my problem: map a [] of the 2D set of points onto a { @shape sphere].