Invalid matrix attribute leads to (more or less) functioning patcher

    Aug 29 2018 | 2:29 pm
    I posted a query about this patch with the ambiguous "Works sometimes, mainly not" Topic Title; I didn't get any uptake. I'm hoping the wording of this Topic will get a bit more traction. It certainly has me stumped.
    You'll look at this patcher and recognize Fedorico's work from this video:
    I've never been able to get signal to flow consistently from one end to the other until I did something stupid by trying to @title two of the jit.matrixes. While the Console objects, I get an image in the window and it responds to the parameter tweaks in both jit.gen components.
    I have to conclude that the error is masking some other problem but I don't know where that problem lies. So I attached the 'working' patcher -- which you can load with a jpg still -- to try to sort the issue out.
    Thanks for your help. Here's the patcher. ...edN