Is it not possible to change interface object colors in MIRA ?

    Sep 17 2021 | 7:07 am
    As per title:
    I'm trying to create dynamic feedback to MIRA frame by changing colors of panels and slider objects but I cannot make it work.
    Is there any way to visually make changes to colors that are displayed in the MIRA app ?

    • Sep 22 2021 | 9:35 am
      +1 I was about to search the same thing.
    • Jan 10 2022 | 1:57 pm
      I can't seem to make panels change color of fill or background. Same for message boxes. Comment boxes do work however, but dynamically changing aspects of the font (underline) aren't reflected in Mira. (To be clear, all these changes do happen in Max, just aren't passed to Mira.) Is there something I'm missing?
      A C74 youtube vid from 2020 says that Mira 1.3.0 is released, when the latest version on the app store is still 1.2.18. I hope there's another update soon that may resolve these display issues - it's a potentially big component of designing a performance interface.