Is there a ubutton alternative that can be mapped on using Ableton's MIDI map?

    Jul 19 2021 | 6:39 pm
    I am looking for the press/release functionality that ubutton offers, but I would like to be able to map an midi controller button or key to it using MIDI map.
    Any thoughts?

    • Jul 20 2021 | 3:35 am
      Not sure that's what you want, but live.button has a "transition" attribute that can be set to 2 (both), and seems to send a bang when you press (with mouse), then another bang when you release.
    • Jul 20 2021 | 2:22 pm
      Thanks for the answer, the problem is that: with ubutton I have two outputs, and live.button only has one. after the each out I put a different number, is there any way to use if and else?
    • Jul 20 2021 | 11:37 pm
      I see, sorry, can't think of anything else.
    • Jul 21 2021 | 11:24 am
      i think if you check "parameter mode enable" in ubutton's inspector window, it should expose that ubutton to Live's midi automapping system.