java MSPBuffer.pok question


    Jun 19 2015 | 9:42 am
    I'm working on a little java external to merge all the channels of an 8-channel file into one. It's all working, except that the content of the resulting buffer is twice the speed (and half the duration) or the original. I cannot figure out why since I'm just using a straight copy with MSPBuffer.pok and MSPBuffer.peek...
    I'd really appreciate it if a java guru could take a look at the code below and tell me where I'm going wrong. I only started learning java two days ago so I'm a little clueless!
    Many Thanks Peiman
    import com.cycling74.max.*; import com.cycling74.msp.*;
    public class buftest extends MaxObject{
    String bufname = null; String destination = null;
    buftest(Atom[] a) { declareAttribute("destination"); declareInlets(new int[]{DataTypes.ALL}); declareOutlets(new int[]{DataTypes.ALL}); createInfoOutlet(false); if (a.length>0) bufname = a[0].toString(); destination = a[1].toString(); }
    public void normalize() { float[] samps = MSPBuffer.peek(destination, 0); double max = Double.MIN_VALUE; for (int i=0;i if (Math.abs(samps[i]) > max) max = Math.abs(samps[i]); double scale = ((double)Math.abs(1))/max; for (int i=0;i samps[i] *= scale; MSPBuffer.poke(destination, 0, samps); }
    public void merge() {
    float[] arrayA = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 0); float[] arrayB = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 1); float[] arrayC = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 2); float[] arrayD = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 3); float[] arrayE = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 4); float[] arrayF = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 5); float[] arrayG = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 6); float[] arrayH = MSPBuffer.peek(bufname, 7);
    float[] arraySum = new float[arrayA.length];
    for (int i = 0; i < arrayA.length; ++i){ arraySum[i] = arrayA[i] + arrayB[i] + arrayC[i] + arrayD[i] + arrayE[i] + arrayF[i] + arrayG[i] + arrayH[i]; }
    MSPBuffer.poke(destination, arraySum); normalize();
    } }

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      Jun 19 2015 | 9:52 am
      I think I found the answer. It's to do with the MSP sample rate at the time the buffer was created.
      Thanks P