jit.movie to list

    Sep 06 2017 | 4:16 pm
    Hey guys,
    Hope you're all doing well?
    I've already searched through the forum but since the answers I've found are either not helping me on my specific problems or are quite old (around 2010) I'm not sure if there is already a better workaround for that. I did a realtime video (30fps h264) of a tiny 100 x 100 jit.world context via jit.record.
    Now I'd like to build a jit or jit.gen patch that analyzes the brightness data of the video (in realtime) and spreads out a list of 222 items (the exact amount of pixels, that aren't black). I wasn't even able to filter out the brightness values out of the movie so far. Is there something I'm missing? I'm quite new to the jitter world... my excuse if my attempt in general sounds unrealistic ..
    Thanks for any help! best Christian

    • Sep 06 2017 | 6:23 pm
      Hi I made this path for a 12*12 RGB matrix... hope it can help you
    • Sep 06 2017 | 6:53 pm
      Hey Francois,
      thanks so much for your reply.
      I tried out to adapt your patch to my needs. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to extract the brightness data into a list out of my 100px x 100px video file....
      I'll give it another try tmw I guess.
      Best christian