jit faces 3D camera movement tracking

    May 02 2011 | 9:03 am
    extremely new and i know this question has been asked before. but im trying to create a program. where there is a 3D scene/or obj import. and with the cv.jit.faces i want the camera to move around with the face in face tracking
    i know this has been done by Zachary Seldess, in http://www.zacharyseldess.com/sampleVids/Seldess_faceTrackGLnav.mov and ive learned a lot from his patches and stuff. but i really am confused where i would start with all this.
    i have my program to the point where i got the cv.jit faces all prepped. and the 3d obj imported and all prepped i just dont know how i would even go from here in connecting them and making the movement of the camera work with the the face tracking
    any info or points in certain directions would be great thank youu
    this is about as far as i get.
    very interested in creating a software where u can move around/rotate camera of obj by motion, preferably that of the face coordinates.
    thanks againn

    • May 04 2011 | 10:03 am
      huhh no one helped that guy. really confused by the info they were getting.... not sure what kind of things i would need to learn/look into to solve this issue.
      when they post the text of a max 5 patch. how to i transfer that into maxmsp/jitter programm
    • May 08 2011 | 5:54 pm
      Hi there,
      This should get you going. It's mostly cannibalized from my z.glRotate abstraction. Try to really figure out what's happening in those subpatches, then ask questions if you still have them. Copy the text below and simply paste it into an empty patcher window.
      best, Zachary