jit.gl.gridshape compound of two shapes

    Feb 10 2016 | 5:18 pm
    Hello all,
    Any orientation on hot to do a compound shape resulting of a plane and a circle? Something like Shape Modes on Illustrator Pathfinder.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Feb 12 2016 | 4:32 pm
      I think what you need is jit.xfade, you can create two jit.gl.gridshape whit matrixoutput 1 and then send them to jit.xfade and back to jit.gl.render and there you go.
      heres an example
    • Feb 12 2016 | 6:45 pm
      Hi Francisco :)
      Thank you for your answer. In fact I did not try your approach, instead I tried two jit.gl.gridshape with matrix output 1 and send them to a jit.op... I tried different operators but i did not manage what I pretend. Let me be more clear:
      I want to cut of a square inside or inscribed in a circle... something like https://www.gmatpill.com/images/PS/circle_inscribed_square.png being white the erase_color... so we can look through the square hole.
      If you have any idea on how to do that I appreciate!
    • Feb 13 2016 | 3:10 am
      I think this needs to be done with textures/color. Send both shapes to a jit.gl.node @erase color 0.5 0.5 0.5 1. Then gridshape @shape plane @color 1. 1. 1. 1. @ layer 0 Gridshape @ shape circle @ color 0. 0. 0. 1. @ layer 1 Apply all movement and rotation instructions to both gridshapes.
    • Feb 13 2016 | 5:30 pm
      Thank you Andro!
      But it does not work ...
    • Feb 14 2016 | 6:45 pm
      Missed the part with it being see through. I wouldn't try to make the basic shape in max. Download blender. Create a circle and a cube, use the boolean modifier to cut out the square shape from the circle. Export as dae model import with jit.gl.model.
    • Feb 14 2016 | 6:48 pm
      Thanks Andro, but I want to be able to change the size of the square inside de circle ;) Circle fixed size and square variable size.
      I will keep linkage for a solution :)
    • Feb 14 2016 | 9:48 pm
      Well thats not so hard if you get a little creative. The square shape can be defined as a few vertex points. By using jit.gl.model @matrixoutput 1 to a jit.gl.mesh Then only altering the vertex points of the square form (x,y vertexes only) then you can change the square form. Start experimenting !
    • Feb 15 2016 | 6:13 pm
      Hi Andro,
      I managed something with blend_modes... We can see the background color through the square inside the circle but if a place a videoplane behind the circle and the square I can't see the videoplane any longer :-/