Jitter + Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI USB Capture Dongle

    Aug 07 2017 | 8:50 pm
    Pretty specific hardware question but curious if anyone has used the Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI USB Capture Dongle.
    I'm putting together a tech sheet and budget for a project with 3+ live feeds from Go Pro cameras and looking at alternatives to Blackmagic products.
    In my case I'd specifically be using the product with Windows 10.
    In theory there's no reason this product shouldn't be compatible with Jitter and jit.grab but wanted to check if anyone in the community had tried to using it with Jitter.

    • Aug 11 2017 | 6:15 pm
      Got my hands on one of these from a colleague and it works perfectly. Can't recommend it enough for anyone trying to get a Go Pro or DLSR into Max as a webcam.
    • Aug 22 2017 | 9:59 am
      Hello, same question about his new tool :
      Elgato Cam-Link https://www.elgato.com/fr/gaming/cam-link
      Anyone had a chance to test it ?