Jitter op multiplication, but what sort of?

    Sep 05 2020 | 6:07 pm
    Hello, I found myself asking this question after some time of Jitter's work: In jitter.op multiplication, what sort of multiplication is performed when we send in two matrices? Is it dot or scalar product? I've tried to explore the operation with some numbers but seems to me that is neither of two! Does anyone have some insight? Thanks in advance Matteo

    • Sep 08 2020 | 7:05 pm
      jit.op performs operations pointwise across the matrices, so each point in the left matrix uses the corresponding point in the right matrix as the operands. the right matrix is up or downsampled when needed.
      for linear algebra type operations you may be interested in the jit.la.* family of objects.
    • Sep 10 2020 | 6:28 am
      Thanks a lot.