Jitter Question

    Nov 09 2017 | 12:40 pm
    Hello all!
    I am just starting out with Max/MSP and am working on a simple patch for an installation:
    - A series of 16 images should be triggered in a specific sequence. - This sequence is stored in a list based on the ID of the image (0 1 3 2 1 etc.). - The timing for the triggering of the images should be done in 8th notes of a specifc BPM. - This image sequence should then be recorded as a Quicktime file, so that it can be played back later without Max.
    I think I worked out the basic functionality, but run into the following problem:
    - The display of the images isn't smooth, there seems to be some timing issues. Could this be because I'm using the tempo object? - The resulting QT movie is playing back much faster than what I see on screen. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Jitter so any help is appreciated!
    Also, if somebody knows a more elegant way to store the images instead of just using individual fpic objects let me know!
    Thanks in advance for helping me out here :)