Keyboard Shortcuts

    May 16 2018 | 5:28 pm
    tl;dr: in max 8 I can't navigate through the inspector by typing the beginning of the name of the parameter. Please do something about this or inform me that I'm wrong.
    Dear Cycling74! I am using Max since version 4. I recently bought Live 10, so I am using your preliminary Max 8 /M4L Version already. I really have to say, please enlighten me, please tell me that I'm wrong, but my impression is that patching and working with max via keyboard shortcuts is just continually getting worse.
    With Max 6 we had the Max tool box. It was just great. Nathanael, you are still my god. Also in max 6, we could select an object, say, a multislider, press cmd/ctrl+i to get to the Inspector. The inspector window was highlighted and I could press 'O' to get to the 'orientation' parameter. I could press enter to edit it. I could press cmd/ctr+w to get rid of the inspector and go on patching. Nice! In max 7, basically all of this workflow still works, but I have to press CMD+shift+i to open a seperate window inspector, so this works. Also you guys introduced the 'patching mechanics' in max 7. I don't use them, but OK maybe I'm to stupid for them. Max tool box is broken (right ?). So, ok, I could live with that, althought I wasn't happy.
    Now, to get to my actual point: in max 8 I can't navigate through the inspector by typing the beginning of the name of the parameter. This is terrible. Really. Please tell me that I'm wrong or it's going to be fixed.
    Thank you very much.

    • May 16 2018 | 7:15 pm
      make yourself independent from this kind of stuff and write your own.
      since 4.5 you can script-create regular objectboxes, so you can use a menu, keyboard shortcuts, midi in or whatever you wish to create every kind of object.
      i use an umenu for single obejcts and snippets for the rest. this replaces all the other 15 possibilties how to create objects in max 7 for me.
    • May 17 2018 | 9:34 am
      Yes, ok. But what about the inspector? I know I can use attributes instead, and yes there are many ways around the problem. After all, it's a programming language. But hey, I'm not asking for a new feature here, I just wish an existing feature wasn't broken.