Limit MPE Channels for Sequential OB-6/Prophet-6

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    Orion Layton
    Feb 12 2021 | 8:44 pm
    I'm running the Live 11 Beta, with a Linnstrument and an OB-6 (desktop). Since the OB-6 only responds to channels 2-7 (with 1 as Master), I need to route the 'extra' channels after channel 7 back to channels 2-7. Bitwig makes this easy with a MIDI Channel Map. I have been trying to do the same by editing the 'MPE Control' plugin. I can Print the voices, and MIDI channels, but can't seem to come up with a combination of formatting, routing, etc that will 'funnel' the extra voices back to 2-7. Anyone have some direction for this?

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      Paul Pottering
      Feb 15 2021 | 7:14 pm
      Maybe try changing "15" in "poly~ MPEFX_VoiceHandling 15" to 5 (or 6)?
      Not sure it does what you want (don't even know what you mean by "1 as Master"), but it does visibly reduce the connections.
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      Orion Layton
      Feb 15 2021 | 7:24 pm
      I think I've narrowed the limitation down to Live itself. No matter how you might limit the channels via Max, when the MIDI goes to Live's external instrument plugin, with 'MPE' chosen, it uses all channels. There has been enough clamor on their beta forum that hopefully they'll implement a fix. On the UI side, it could be as easy as making the Channels menu a multi select vs. just 1-16 or MPE.