Live 10 new LFO synced rate values are incorrect

    Feb 11 2018 | 1:11 am
    The new LFO in Live outputs incorrect values for synced LFO rates (the 16 bars and 32 bars enum values on live.dial): Looking in the `[coll rate]` object in the max patch that dial is hooked to, I see the last entry is: 21, 15360; // (16 * 120) * 8 = 15360 = 8 bars
    The coll is missing corresponding values for 16 and 32 bars.
    Posting this in Ableton's tech support as well, but wanted to bring it up here as this forum rocks and I figure the chances of this getting fixed in next update are greater if posted here ;)
    Made a fork with correct values as well as other measure counts: