Live-remote mappable M4L patch with timeline's video as video input (for analysis)

    Feb 09 2019 | 6:33 pm
    Hi everyone. Complete beginner here. My goal is a M4L patch that is able to... 1. receive a video from Ableton's timeline as video input; 2. make some video analysis; 3. output 6 parameters as 6 "mappable" controllers, i.e. each controller can be linked to any other Ableton's knob. Here my questions are focused on 1st and 3rd points: 1. Is it possible to use a video track in Ableton's timeline as video input? 3. The idea is to make something like S4LFO that has a "MAP" button: once you press it, you can move any other Ableton's knob to create a connection (it's like the classic MAP function, but as "internal" routing). I tried to open the S4LFO patch but it's a bit complex. Is there a simple way to create these "mappable" buttons? (It seems easier to make an external Max patch with MIDI output controllers via IAC-driver, and then make a classic mapping in Ableton. But I wonder if there is an easy way to do the same internally.)
    Thanks all in advance.