Live won't resend a midi cc message if the value doesn't change

    May 02 2017 | 8:09 pm
    I'm trying to receive midi from external midi hardware (POD XT live) into Ableton Live, then into a custom M4L device.
    From the POD pedalboard i click on toggle pedals, which send midi CC value. Eeach time they send a CC number and the matching CC value. Sometimes i have to send again a CC with the same number and value, but Live receives it, but won't transmit it ! If the cc value hasn't changed from the last time the same cc number was received, simply nothing is sent to the M4L device. If i do this in a max patch i will just receive the controller number and value again. It's like there is an automatic [change] object inside the Live treatment of midi cc informations !
    Help me please. I need this CC inside my m4l device.

    • May 02 2017 | 8:21 pm
      filtering out repeated values is kind of a standard setting in midi world.
      so step 1 is to check your midi settings in live - and your midi settings in your operating system.
      in both it might be off by default.
    • May 02 2017 | 10:36 pm
      i checked my live settings and couldn't find any option related to this, there isn't a bunch of midi options in live :/
      and have no idea where to check the midi settings for the system ; but as it is working the way i want in max (not max for live) i suppose i couldn't advance from there ?
      for what it's worth though, i used a workaround which is a bit of a stretch, but for my use case it's working around, it is : i store in m4L the state of the control change pedals, and when i press a program change which should recall other state of those control change pedals on the board, i send to the pedalboard message to set all control change buttons in the state they previously were. I have no idea if what i say is understandable.
    • Sep 27 2017 | 2:11 pm
      I experienced the same today trying to send relative MIDI CC messages to a plugin. Live will filter out repeating values. In this case I see it as a bug because for relative MIDI CC control, you can send a CC value 0f 63 two times to decrease a value first by 1 and then again by 1. I worked around by increasing 1 sending 64 and then decreasing 2 by sending 62.