loading abstractions via 'script newobject'->thispatcher slows down with each A

    Oct 31 2016 | 3:53 pm
    I am using extensively the javascript method: patcher.message("script newobject ...") to create dynamically abstractions in my patch. And I observe a significant slowdown of the loading time for each new abstraction: i.e. while the first abstraction takes 600ms to load, the 40th abstraction takes 3 seconds to load. This way it takes about 65 seconds to dynamically load 40 abstractions. But loading the same abstractions inside a static patcher takes only 34 seconds.
    I assume there are some database processes Max is busy with, each time a new abstraction is loaded, and the more abstractions (or objects) there are, the longer theses processes take. I wonder now: is there a way to postpone these processes until my algorithm has dynamically loaded all abstractions, so it only has to be done once (presumably the way it is done with the static patcher)?