LOM - Get IDs of Clips on Arrangement View Track

    Nov 20 2020 | 8:27 pm
    Hello, I managed to get the IDs of Clips in the Session View via the LOM and Clip Slots. But how is it possible to get the IDs of the Clips that are placed in the Arrangement View via the LOM? Thank you very much for any tipps

    • Nov 20 2020 | 10:48 pm
      In Arrangement View you can only get the ID of the currently selected clip, using the path 'live_set view detail_clip'.
    • Nov 21 2020 | 11:56 am
      Ah really, I love the LOM but the deeper I want to go with it the sooner I hit some heavy limitations. Would love to see Cycling/Ableton expand on this more, it's such a great idea.