Looking for Hyperbolic Curve Slider Behavior..

    Aug 15 2017 | 8:57 pm
    Hi everyone,
    can someone help me out with the right math (for the expr object or something similar) to get the hyperbolic-curve-behavior you find in my patch pasted below. (The slider tries to stay in the middle area longer)
    In other words, when moving the big upper slider, how do you get the behavior of the big lower slider with less coding? I'm sure it involves 'sinh' somewhere in the expr object, but I can't work it out.. there also is a mistake in the patch, both sliders should go from 0 to 256, but that's not working right now (the lower one goes in fact from -128 to 128).

    • Aug 16 2017 | 12:25 am
      Hey N871 Am pretty sure this doesn't fall under "less coding" but I use this as a subpatch once I have set the curve to taste Some kind soul on this board sent me this, and i use it alllll the time. And you can set the curve to get ll kinds o funky results Hope this helps! jd