making different number ranges relative

    Jan 23 2014 | 6:14 am
    I'm not exactly sure how to word the question to do a proper search. I'm sure it must have been asked before, I just couldn't find it.
    I'm trying to figure out how to make one dial with a set number range to control multiple dials with different number ranges.
    Here's what I am trying to do:
    I'm sure it's something simple I just don't know.

    • Jan 23 2014 | 6:25 am
    • Jan 23 2014 | 6:32 am
      That's perfect for the last three dials. But the freq dials jump in the first 0.01... that was a problem I've been facing as well.
    • Jan 23 2014 | 7:58 am
    • Jan 23 2014 | 2:26 pm
      Metamax has shown the general principle. For mapping a linear control to frequency, you probably really want an exponential function, since that's how we hear frequency (doubling frequency is perceived as the same interval, an octave, no matter what frequency you start from).
      You could also use the [scale] object, which has built-in exponential mapping. Or the [lp.scamp*] family of objects, which offer a few more options for funky scaling.
    • Jan 23 2014 | 7:40 pm
      absolutely beautiful...
      thank you for the help