map audio n channels to m audio channels

    Sep 03 2021 | 6:16 pm
    one of the many things on my to do list is to make a generic abstraction for mapping a matrix of audio channels to another matrix. while it is easy for "2 into 4" or "6 into 3", i never managed to find the correct math for "11 into 19". the most basic setup of mapping a number of inputs into a number of outputs is a simple as that:
    any input is connected to any output and then the amplitude change has to be calculated. (amplitudes of 0 can later still be used to script-delete the non-used parts, we dont need to worry about this kind of stuff atm.) in the past i´ve tried that several times and with quite different approaches, but i think i have blockades there for some reason. maybe somenbody knows by heart? let me know if any info is missing...