Mapping to MIDI Pitch to EQ Frequency Knob

    Mar 26 2020 | 8:33 pm
    Hi all - seems like a simple thing, but I'm stuck. I want to map my keyboard's MIDI pitch to the frequency knob of one of the points on the EQ8. The part that is tripping me up, is that the knob that corresponds to the frequency receives 0-127 and outputs 10-22000hz. I know the range is exponential and I tried using the exponent option in [scale 10 22000 0 127 x] but the numbers didn't match up. When I played an A at 220, the resulting frequency wasn't exact. Any ideas?

    • Mar 26 2020 | 8:44 pm
      sometimes there is a lego brick which is already shaped like you need it to: [mtof] if you want to go deeper, mtof performs [expr (440.*exp(.057762265 * ($f1 - 69.)))], where the offset of 69 is the chamber tone (you could use anything else) another method is [expr 8.1758 * pow(1.0594633\,$f1)], which is a more accurate formula in a 32 bit enviroment (i dont have longer contants for max 8 here now), but also needs more CPU. method #4 would be to use #3 and write the results for 0-127 into a [coll]. it will be accurate AND fast, but limited to midi/int input. -110 @ scientific mood
    • Mar 26 2020 | 8:51 pm
      Hi Roman - I'm using [mtof] to get the freq from the MIDI note, but I'm having trouble sending that freq to the freq knob of the EQ8. The EQ8 freq knob uses 0-127.
      Maybe I don't even need to go from mtof and just use the midi note number to control the EQ8 freq?