Max 7.04 : crash with multiple gen abstractions

    Jul 29 2015 | 2:11 pm
    Hello, I'm a novice in the max/gen world, I wish someone could help me.
    I'm getting several crashes inside a gen~ patch (windows 64-bit, max version 7.04) : this always occurs when I call 2 or more instances of "gen @file nameofthefile".
    Obviously the file "nameofthefile.genexpr" does exist, it is correctly loaded inside max/gen, and there are no syntax errors/issues.
    So, if in my project I load only 1 object with the statement "gen @file nameofthefile" everything works fine (I can also modify the sub-patch without issues).
    But if I create an additional object (or more) with the same statement "gen @file nameofthefile", after a while (specially if I try to edit one of the "gen @file nameofthefile" objects), Max 7.04 crashes.
    This occurs also when creating a "@gen" reference ("gen @gen nameofthefile").
    Any help, anyone had a similar issue? I didn'7 installed Max 7.05 yet, maybe it has a fix for this?
    PS a second question : what is the correct way of using "gen @file" and "gen @gen" inside a gen patch?
    Thank you in advance,