Max 8.0.2 Released


    Ben Bracken
    Nov 27 2018 | 6:02 pm
    We have just released the Max 8.0.2 update! This update brings a handful of new features and over 100+ bug fixes. Take a look at the change log below, and, as always, you can download the installers here:
    New Features: • BEAP: v1.0.2 cosmetic updates for Max 8 • cycle~: 'reset' message to reset phase (a la phasor~) • inlet object: attr to define hot / cold state • limi~: lookahead limiter (mc and mcs versions too) • MC Wrapper: 'setvaluerange' message • mc.sum~: alias to mc.op~ @op sum • Patching: "Keep Duplicated Objects in View" preference (defaults to off) • playlist~ / jit.playlist: append without arguments opens File dialog • playlist~ / jit.playlist: reportprogress attribute • Projects: search bar (by name) • Projects: viewmode to switch between flat and hierarchical views • Projects: Duplicate Project functionality • savebang: new object to bang on save • Snapshots: importsnapshot/exportsnapshot (Snapshots functionality for Standalones) • standalone: Added way to specify application icon with standalone object attribute • Typing: bring object to front when typing • VIZZIE: SOLARIZR module (based on jit.fluoride) • Windows multitouch: multitouch support for multislider
    Fixed Bugs: • amxd~: dependencies updated after re-save • amxd~: files are found in the same directory • autocomplete: aliased objects have descriptions • autopattr/pattrstorage: fixed issues with deleting/reinstantiating objects • atoi: outputs int when there's only one value • buffer~: 'write' messages with simple filenames works • chooser: fixed crash updating with scheduler in overdrive • chooser: margin is respected • chooser: updates pattr objects when value changes • closebang/freebang/savebang: consistently support bang and dblclick • coll: fixed crash when dumping a large line • coll: fixed issues with using name of object/vignette/doc/etc • Core Audio: remove constraint on sample rates • dict: fixed crash with garbage values • expr: negative inputs to "expr fact($i1)" work • font panel color wheel: changing object text color no longer pollutes undo history • format palette: "changed attr" bar resizes properly • gridmeter: outlet and click on square to mute • groove~: followglobaltempo works with looped groove~ • Groups: outline of group is not shown in Max For Live devices • Help patchers: fixed issues with third party seealsos in question mark tab • Inspector: fixed "Show in Reference" • jit.cellblock: improved signalmode responses • jit.dx.grab: fixed crash when vdevice set but no device present • jit.gen / jit.pix: min attribute of param works • auto_rotate works in jit.window/world • fixed • does not grab objects that have explicit drawto set • jit.matrix: fixed javascript exportimage usage • jit.playlist: finds referenced media in a standalone • jit.playlist: viddll engine fixed multi-file drag and drop • jit.textfile: fixed crash on matrix input • jit.window: fixed duplicate mouse data output • jsui: avoid crash when there are too many sketch instances • live.grid: fixed error when interpolating presets • Mappings: outlines hidden for non-presentation objects in presentation view • Mappings: drawing improvements • Mappings: improved key mapping display for modifiers • Mappings: rename 'bang' trigger mode to 'retrigger' • matrixctrl: display disabled cells properly • Max 7 templates: handle bgfillcolor existence when opened in Max 8 • MC Wrapper: applies attribute values to new channels • MC Wrapper: wrapper messages work to non-leftmost inlets • MC Wrapper: fixed crash when wrapping with prefixed name • mc.function: redraws properly after receiving clearchans • mc.gen~: fix for issues with finding gendsp file for all instances • mc.gen~: no longer attempts to load Max patchers • mcs.groove~: sync outlet has correct number of channels • menubar: 'append' message refreshes menus • mgraphics: fixed image_surface_draw <matrixname> memory leak • MIDI: fixed crash on Windows sending single byte to midiout • MIDI: fixed crashing on app close • MIDI: unplugged devices on Windows appropriately disappear from MIDI options • mute~: fixed crash when used with MC • Node For Max: fixed dict access after and maxApi.getDict • Node For Max: NPM execution status updates properly • Node For Max: fixed missing restart filePath when using @watch 1 • Node For Max: improved NPM execution status updates • node.script: fixed crash closing help file on Windows • node.script: fixed potential hangs on Windows • node.script: symbol usage optimizations • Object Browser in Toolbar: internal objects are displayed • Open GL Status Window: Fixed crash when opening • Package Manager: OS versions are validated correctly • Parameters: gestures start on time for undo to stay in correct order • Parameters: 'assign' messages work as they should • Patcher: "zoomed" patcher window location is saved • Patching: fixed issues with bogus object when ref file of the object's name is in the same folder • pattrhub: resolves pattr-bound boxes in subpatchers • pattrstorage: fixed extreme memory leakage when storing value in parameter mode • pattrstorage: greedy attribute no longer inherited by pattrstorage objects in subpatchers • playlist~: cursor no longer disappears after command drag • playlist~: fixed single click to deselect • plugin~ / plugout~: can have multiple instances of these objects again • popup menus: fixed memory leak • Preferences: all show clues • Projects: item lists are converted to dictionaries for fast lookup • Projects: jxf jitter files are added to 'data' • Projects: improved nomenclature and display of project items • receive: fixed crash when clicking on Object Action Menu and object has no argument • Recent Messages: fixed shortcut key (shift+m) • Save Dialog: Select All works in File Save dialog (Mac) • scope~: fixed text rendering in automatic mode • Search: opening gen patchers works • speedlim: fixed stalling when changing speedlimit time • Standalones: accommodate unicode in pathnames • Standalones: does not create Projects and Max for Live Devices folders when running • Standalones: does not overwrite Max preferences • Standalones: further fixes for unique location for standalone prefs • Standalones: packages load properly in versioned standalones • suckah: fixed use on Windows with display scaling enabled • Toolbar: audio power button aligned with audio level meter • Tour: fixed error on last slide - invalid extension called (Win) • Typing: fixed issues with dead characters while typing in a box • Typing: improved arrow key handling when editing text • VIZZIE FEEDR: fixed gain dial • VIZZIE INTERPOL8R: outputs alpha • VIZZIE RECORDR: fixed output dims to match input dims and added realtime/codec parameters (based on engine) • VIZZIE SNAPPR: Fixed image saving • vst~: fixed crash when closing patch when plug-in window is open • vst~: fixed loading of shell plugins • vst~: no longer tries to load plugs twice • vst~: VST3 snapshots and presets • Windows: save dialog is sizable

    • MAX.XAM's icon
      Nov 28 2018 | 12:53 am
      Great update. Thanks for this fix!
      MIDI: unplugged devices on Windows appropriately disappear from MIDI options
    • yaniki's icon
      yaniki's icon
      Nov 28 2018 | 8:46 am
      Node works with AMXD~! Splendid!
    • A.M.'s icon
      A.M.'s icon
      Nov 28 2018 | 12:28 pm
      Thanks for the update! I have issues with [chooser} when sending the message filekind audiofile (or changing the attributes accordingly in the inspector). The object doesn't display any file once I do that. The issue isn't sorted in 8.02. Mappings is also very buggy now (but the outlines hidden for non-presentation objects in presentation view feature is awesome).
    • Ben Bracken's icon
      Ben Bracken's icon
      Ben Bracken
      Nov 28 2018 | 5:42 pm
      @A.M. You will need to also set the @autopopulate attribute to 1 if you want to see anything there. You also might want to check out the @factorycontent attribute and the @prefix attribute.
      As far as Mappings being buggy, please do send in a complete bug report with your issues to Support:
    • A.M.'s icon
      A.M.'s icon
      Nov 29 2018 | 12:58 pm
      @BEN Thanks for your help! I checked everything you suggested and it still doesn't work I'm afraid. Here's an example:
      Max Patcher
      In Max, select New From Clipboard.
      Show Text
      Selecting a folder with audio files in it (.wav) doesn't show anything in the [chooser] object. I'll send 2 bug reports with the issues.
    • Music_SDP's icon
      Music_SDP's icon
      Nov 29 2018 | 8:02 pm
      Thanks for the update! Really glad to see the fixes implemented.
      Curious to know if there's any update on the issues with node script integration in standalones. Does this patch address that issue or is it still being worked on?
    • Jindong Ming's icon
      Jindong Ming's icon
      Jindong Ming
      Nov 30 2018 | 8:16 am
      Hi, 8.02 work much better in win10 than 8.01. But, 1 Simp Chinese is block in Arial Font. 2 VST~ work good in Max, But it can plug on Standalone if the project is big.(console said can't find the plugin).
    • Ricardo Matias's icon
      Ricardo Matias's icon
      Ricardo Matias
      Dec 09 2018 | 4:26 pm
      The patching performance is terrible for me, I have a very simple patch and even when it's not running, moving things around lags terribly. I'm on a Macbook Pro from 2018 with Mojave.
    • Joshua Kit Clayton's icon
      Joshua Kit Clayton's icon
      Joshua Kit Clayton
      Dec 12 2018 | 2:37 pm
      @ricardo I notice you have Layout Bubbles enabled in preferences (that window with the overlay of delta coordinates). This causes major slowdowns on recent versions of OS X which is why it is disabled by default. Let us know if disabling it in the preferences solves your problems. Thanks!
    • Ricardo Matias's icon
      Ricardo Matias's icon
      Ricardo Matias
      Dec 20 2018 | 11:39 am
      @joshua thanks, since I haven't measure it comes down to my perception. I think it's better, but the whole canvas moving is still not smooth. I wonder if there are others sharing the same issue..
    • ludo lov's icon
      ludo lov's icon
      ludo lov
      Feb 10 2019 | 3:28 pm
      Hi, Since 6.02 , the message "filetype" does not seem to work anymore. I no longer can load or save "txt" file with a "text" object! Also I often have some crash in the patcher since then.