Max 8.5.2 / RNBO 1.0.2 Released


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    Ben Bracken
    Dec 13 2022 | 6:10 pm
    We have just released Max 8.5.2 and RNBO 1.0.2. This is a general bugfix / stability update, though there are a handful of new features for both Max and RNBO.
    As always, you can download the update here:
    For a list of all Max 8.5.1 and RNBO 1.0.1 fixes, check out the change log below, or here:

    Max New Features

    • ‘reflect_edge’ reflection map edge length attribute
    • added input matrix for mesh geometry
    • output_mesh_matrix message to output mesh vertex matrix
    • Projects: allow using templates via ‘add new file’
    • RNBO: v1.0.2 update
    • zl: ‘zlreset’ message to reinitialize but not reset ‘mode’ parameters

    Max Fixed Bugs

    • crosspatch: protect against feedback
    • dict: ‘contains’ supports ints
    • jit.cellblock: fixed drawing artifacts when referring to a coll
    • fixed crash with adjacency draw modes
    • fixed issues with adjusting evalin/out attrs
    • (glcore): added error message when matrix rendering is enabled
    • fixed issues with @output_texture 1
    • fixed color attr for default shader
    • fixed ‘screenmode 0’ rendering with high DPI displays
    • fixed memory leak
    • jit.pix: attrui updates when param changes
    • Jitter JS: fixed ‘jit_gl_implicit’ “No such object" error
    • jweb: fixed memory leak with ‘readfile’
    • Max for Live metro: fixed issues with output when looping in arrangement
    • Max for Live: improved timing / sample accuracy
    • MC wrapper: fixed crash setting 'chans' message from scheduler thread when Overdrive is enabled
    • mc.gen~: fixed crash when saving with codebox (Win only)
    • mc.index~: buffer channel right inlet can be set
    • mcp.sfplay~: MC chans attr works
    • node.script: fixed memory leak
    • Parameters: ‘Stored only’ blobs work as expected
    • Patcher Window: fixed zoom button in fullscreen
    • RNBO patching: fixed errors when disconnecting patch cords via handle drag
    • RNBO: v1.0.2 update
    • Scheduler: fixed timing with UI operations that trigger signals (ex: bang->click~)
    • sfrecord~: fix crash on invalid path in ‘open’
    • Standalone: CEF is appropriately not copied when it is disabled (Windows)
    • Startup: small speed up (clippings are iterated later)
    • textedit: eliminated extra quote escapes
    • textedit: fixed crash when sending ‘clear’ via closebang
    • textedit: improved behavior of @nosymquote
    • textedit: text length does not affect presentation rect
    • thispoly~: works when created in modify-read-only subpatcher
    • VIDDLL HAP: fixed decoder error (Windows)

    RNBO New Features

    • buffer / bufferop: added ‘normalize’
    • C++ / Web Targets: added post export command
    • noise: uses xoshiro algorithms
    • param: @displayorder attribute
    • Plugin Target: exposed parameter unit as a label
    • Plugin Target: transport sync
    • Raspberry Pi Export: added audio configuration
    • send~ / receive~: added s~ / r~ aliases
    • silencedetector~: added threshold and length options

    RNBO Fixed Bugs

    • buffer~: fixed output order
    • C++ API: getParameterIndexForID works for polyphonic parameters
    • C++ API: PresetList and DataRefList do bounds checking
    • codebox operator docs: method info added
    • codebox~: improved error messages when using stateful operators without @state
    • gen~ mc_channel / mc_channelcount: can instantiate (but currently always returns 1.)
    • gen~ train: works in gen-in-rnbo
    • list.splice: negative start indices work / returns deleted items
    • param: allow pound-sign replacement on name
    • param: fixed recall of enum values that are numbers
    • pipe: fixed output ordering
    • Raspberry Pi Target: extended filename support
    • RNBO patching in Max for Live: fixed crash when patching in the Max editor
    • RNBO Web Export: cycle~ parity between Max and export
    • rnbo: fixed codebox errors with extra long files
    • sampstohz: fixed calculation
    • subpatcher: @title appropriately updates rnbo~ attribute values
    • urn: fixed ‘seed 0’ case and reliability of seeding
    • Web Export: buffer performance improvements in Brave Browser
    • Web Export: fixed Device.releaseDataBuffer error