Max/Ableton crash as soon as M4L device with node is messed with?

    Jun 14 2019 | 11:24 pm
    Hello! Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Prior to a few days ago, I was able to use my custom M4L devices, which include Node, without a problem. Occasionally Node would disconnect for mysterious reasons but not often. On Wednesday, I tried to perform a function that normally works, and it crashed. Whenever I would load the set, it would immediately crash. Upon opening an empty set and including any device that has Node, Live and Max will crash either immediately, or shortly after. I noticed Ableton came up with recent updates, they said they released them on Thurs but I experienced this behavior on Thurs. Whenever the crash message appears, it says Live crashed, and minutes later, Node has crashed. This is why I suspect node is involved.. Also, tested on both Mac and PC, same behavior. Additional note, I have multiple of the same device with instances of Node.. I didn't think this would be a problem and hasn't been before..