Max/MSP on OSX with Motu interface freezes after some time

    Jul 23 2019 | 1:13 pm
    Dear Max/MSP Community and Developers,
    I have discovered a bug that might not be directly related to Max/MSP but I still want to see if anyone is aware of it. I'm using Max/MSP in an endurance test that runs on a MacMini (OSX). It sends an output signal via a Motu 16A interface (USB) to actuators and measures their response through the ADC (Input) of the Motu. After some time sometimes 20min, other times after 2h the ADC part starts to sleep or freeze. It doesn't spit out new values from the ADC until I restart the audio or if I go into the abstraction and re-connect a cable. Which seems like it "wakes up" the ADC again and it continues to work.
    So my best guess right now is that OSX on some driver level sleeps the ADC or Max/MSP doesn't poll it properly?
    The ADC signals are merely averaged (RMS) and then polled every minute to trigger a measurement that is then saved.
    Thanks in advance for any hints or solutions, M.