MC envelopes? Differently timed/deviated cycling envelopes for each MC channel?


    Fritz Pape
    Jun 03 2023 | 9:24 pm
    I'm trying to make sort of a "swarming" bed of MC oscillators, and I want to set up some adjustable cycling envelopes. Normally I'd use line~ or something, but I want to set something up so that the 5 MC oscillator channels each have a similar "base" looping envelope, where the attack/decay all deviate randomly from each other. Does this make sense? MC still messes my brain up when it gets deeper into manipulating the individual channels - any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • 👽R∆J∆ The Resident ∆lien👽's icon
      this is probably more intricate than you need, but wanted to suggest you look at 'mc.snowphasor~' it seems designed to allow for envelopes and other guided-trajectories to relate to each other similarly(but it's probably not going to give you your exact idea of having everything stem from one/similar 'base' loop-envelope)...
      for your exact idea, i'd look into using gen~. click on the helpfile for a basic 'gen~' object, and look under the 'mc' tab, you'll see you can use ops like 'mc_channel' to cater an algorithm according to channel.
      otherwise, another option(outside of gen~) might be to use something like (mc.)zigzag~ and control it by signal to get sample-accuracy across the similarly designed channels(and use the '' object to set them up with their individual envelopes).
      hope it helps 🍻