mc.pass~ ?

    Jun 20 2022 | 11:38 am
    I have some patches that combine both conventional MSP objects and mc objects. Normally, I'd use mute~ to stop local DSP when I have to, but the final output of these patches is in the form of an mc multichannel signal and there doesn't seem to be an mc equivalent to pass~.
    I can use voiceallocator to shut down mc channels, but it'll have no effect on the MSP objects, and I can use mute~/pass~ to shut down the MSP objects in the patch, but without an mc.pass~ I won't be able to zero the output of the patch. Do I have to do both, or is there a way to shut down all DSP in the patch without this complication?
    Oh and btw, I'm aware I could do this with poly~, but it would involve an insane amount of rebuilding and I'd love to avoid it if possible ;-)