MIDI mapping within a patch? (MIDI loopback needed)

    Nov 30 2021 | 8:35 am
    Hi, I'm trying to use Max's nifty MIDI mapping of controls for quickly trying out and setting up mappings within a patch, namely from live input audio analysis (pitch, loudness, periodicity) to some synth parameters. It is just nice that there's already a list of source/target, min/max, and on/off UIs set up in the sidebar, easy and quick to use. For this, I'm sending the input analysis data as MIDI controllers, but I can't seem to use them directly for mapping. The workaround is to start a 2nd Max instance that loops back the MIDI data to the first one. Also, the nifty Live remote control or modulation features don't seem to work outside of Live. So, I wonder... 1. Is there a better way to use mappings within a patch, or 2. what is currently the best MIDI loopback device for Mac saving the 2nd Max instance? Best