MIDI Notes from [live.dial] not displaying correctly on Push2

    Dec 16 2017 | 3:01 am
    Hi all --
    When I map MIDI unit styled [live.dial] objects to a rotary encoder on my Push2, the P2 displays only the octave of the note, rather than the full note name. For example, the [live.dial] shows "G#-2" in the patch but the P2 only shows "-2". This will hold true for any note in an octave, so that, e.g., A3 and F#3 both show only as "3" in the P2. I have the same problem with the [live.numbox] objects when set to MIDI unit style.
    I've fiddled with all the object parameters I can think of that might affect the P2 display -- and, of course, perused all the documentation I can find on the object and the P2 -- but no love. Is this a shortcoming of the Push2 -- i.e., something I just have to live with -- or am I missing a setting somewhere?
    Thanks for your help.