Midi to Equal temperament frequency to DC voltage CV out via arduino

    Sep 02 2019 | 9:44 pm
    tl;dr How do I scale frequency to DC voltage _out_ for a +/- 5V CV _in_?
    I'd like to use the keyboard on my midi controller to send DC voltage to an analog synthesizer that takes +/- 5V CV in.
    I have the midi controller going into Max ; it is bus powered, and has no separate CV out. I'd like to transpose the midi note from the midi controller in Max to a DC voltage out, probably via Arduino.
    The way I'm thinking about it is basically scaling from [0Hz to 10000Hz] (or whatever notes I end up using from the keyboard) to [-5V to 5V]. But that just seems too haphazard of a way to scale it. I feel like it's much more complicated than that.
    My exact setup is an Arturia Minilab (not the MKII) to Max 7 to a Moog Werkstatt-01. I basically want to extend the range of notes I have to choose from on my Werkstatt from 13 keys to a lot more keys. And I'm not using the keyboard on my Minilab at the moment, so I figured why not try to connect them instead of buying a CV keyboard.
    I scoured the forums a bit to see if this has been done, because I'm sure some version of this has been done; surely someone has outputted CV to a modular or some other analog synthesizer from Max. I did not see anything that answers my question.
    Thanks, -nick

    • Sep 03 2019 | 11:44 am
      Transposing midi input to frequency, then again to whatever other info to be sent to arduino, to convert that to voltage ... ??? If You want to use arduino for cv output, than it could do the midi to cv conversion alone, no need for max. But to the question - try mtof if You need to convert midi to frequency.