Miraweb, err_1223


    Esteban Xbender
    Dec 28 2022 | 9:44 pm
    Hello everyone. when I click to open web browser on this machine message in miraweb I am getting ''max could not launch url, err=1223'' message error. Does anyone can help to this issue?

    • hijomojo's icon
      Dec 29 2022 | 3:04 am
      We've stumbled into the same issue a few hours apart! Seems the issue is specifically with version 1.2.7, the workaround for now is to downgrade to 1.2.6: On the package manager page for Miraweb, click "Show All Available Versions" and click 1.2.6. Now there should be a blue button for you to click which says "Downgrade to v1.2.6"...or maybe just "Install" if you don't have it installed anymore. Apparently they're working on a solution, other people have reported the same issue: https://cycling74.com/forums/miraweb-not-working-on-windows-after-upgrading-to-max-8-3-2-and-miraweb-1-2-7 https://cycling74.com/forums/max-could-not-launch-url-miraweb
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      Esteban Xbender's icon
      Esteban Xbender
      Dec 29 2022 | 8:35 pm
      Thank you a lot my friend. It's worked.