MiraWEB - Panels?

    Feb 17 2019 | 9:55 am
    MiraWeb works with [panel] however I have run into some weird behavior
    [panel] only works if the panel is in presentation mode BEFORE the mira.frame is created. bordercolor of [panel] can be changed (and updates in the browser), however bgfillcolor, does not seem to work with MiraWeb.
    any advice?

    • Feb 18 2019 | 1:33 pm
      i noticed another bug related to miraweb and presentation : if there is a message box in patching mode, that isn’t in presentation mode, and if there is a mira frame in presentation mode on top of the lcoation of this commentobject in patching mode (even tho the same mira frame is somewhere else in patching what ndow) ; then the comment box will be displayed in mira...this and meter~ not working, time to start a list of mira regressions since max 8 ? edit : trying to reproduce, it seems highly inconsistant : * if those messageboxes are hidden on lock, they won’t show in mira * if i create another messagebox after creating and moving the frame and hiding everything, and don’t hide it on lock, it won’t show in mira * but if i subsequently show on lock all the message boxes previously hidden on lock ; then they reappear in mira, along with the message box that had been created afterward (and not set as hidden nor shown on lock).
    • Feb 21 2019 | 6:44 pm
      bgfillcolor seems to be working for me. (However I am still on Max 7). It is only working intermittently though.
      An additional problem that I am running into is that i am using stacks of images in [fpic] with a transparent [toggle] on top. the [toggle] adjusts between "alpha 1." and "alpha -1." on all [fpics]. the goal is to make custom button designs that work in [mira.frame]. sometimes it works and other times, only one image in the stack toggles between 0% and 100% opacity.
    • Feb 22 2019 | 12:42 pm
      would u mind creating issues with specific instructions and or example projects for the things mentioned in this thread on the MiraWeb Github Repository? https://github.com/Cycling74/miraweb/issues
      This helps us laying out the best way to work on the issues and track progress while also allowing potential other contributors to help with fixing issues.
      Please make sure to take a peek at Contribution Guide before and also make sure to search for any existing issue that might already capture the problem you are seeing (and feel free to add your comments/experience/patches to it).
      Thanks much for your help! Florian