MUBU // pipo.fft // struggling to get expected sound analysis data from a source.

    Nov 29 2021 | 4:04 pm
    Hello, community. i'm trying to analyse sound sample – 5 second long, 192kbs, 24bit, and get a table with frequency / phase / amplitude of each sample. I was advised to go for MUBU package and look for internal objects to make an FFT processing. pipo.fft looks like proper tool to solve it. But I can't let it work in a proper way - using the example patch, offline mode, whatever sample I put to the buffer, matrix shows me lists of negative numbers.
    what am i doing in a wrong way ? is any other ways to get this sample analysed ? in the end i'd like to have kind of excel doc with all samples data to move it next to rhino and make visualise them as an object THNX in advance!

    • Nov 29 2021 | 6:22 pm
      Hi Ilya, as can be seen from the attributes, the fft mode is log of power, that's why the numbers are negative. You'd want mode magnitude or actually complex (then you can recover magnitude and phase using cartopol from the real and imaginary output columns). Further support for mubu is happening here:
    • Nov 30 2021 | 9:58 am
      Diemo Schwarz,
      Thanks for fast reply ! changing the mode from log power to complex totally works for me ! btw, have you net any detailed tutorial unfolding all the methods of fft processing in mubu ? Ircam documentation web page doesn't exist anymore, so the way is keep looking for answers inside IRCAM forums.